physical training based on eastern healthcare techniques


Physical Training Based on Eastern Healthcare Techniques

KIKO-T’AI CHI classes improve your physical and mental health and help you find inner balance. The training is given individually and in groups.

The SEITAI METHOD is recommended to maintain your health balance. The Seitai Method originated in 6th century in Japan. It allows the Seitai practitioner to bring human’s body “back in order”, back in a state in which the body’s innate ability to heal itself is restored. This makes you feel healthy and more balanced in life.

Instructor Andrius Staniulis

The training is given by Andrius Staniulis. Since 1990 he has given the training in Lithuania, Switzerland, Great Britain and Latvia. First interest in the Far East physical education was after reading an article in Lithuanian magazine “Life and Science” in 1982 about the Eastern healthcare practices.

Educational background: Lithuanian Sports University.

Personal Development Courses

  • 1990 – 1991 Russia
  • 1996 – 1997 and 2001 Japan
  • 2004 China and Slovakia
  • 2007 China and 2012 Latvia

Andrius Staniulis

KIKO-T’AI CHI classes

Don‘t Miss a Chance to Challenge Yourself in KIKO-T’AI CHI Classes! These classes help you to *know this healing technique *learn how it works *know yourself better *get new experiences.


  • health;
  • inner balance;
  • develop the qualities that would help you in professional life.

The training is given by Andrius Staniulis. Teaching since 1990.

The classes are open on Sunday and Saturday (at weekends) every three weeks. One class for five hours. Homework is given. The exercises need to be performed independently until the following meeting. Individual training plan is given. Daily work schedule.

SEITAI method

We would like to invite you to experience a healthcare technique the SEITAI METHOD (belongs to HSTI school).

SEITAI is a Japanese word which carries the meaning of going back to the childhood. If you want to feel young and strong again, you must have a properly adjusted body. When your body is in a symmetrical position it has the power to restore itself naturally to its normal condition from illness and injury without external interference. The body can function properly, i.e., proper blood circulation is maintained, lymphatic system works properly, good innervation, each organ system becomes more active, and we become emotionally stable.

Individually applied Seitai healthcare procedures can balance the following disorders:

  • eyesight, hearing, smell, heart, thyroid, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, musculoskeletal;
  • adrenal, ovarian, prostate, impotence, infertility;
  • elbow pain, knee pain, bowel;
  • insomnia, neurosis, limb chills, difficulty in breathing.

This technique is performed by the Seitai practitioner Andrius Staniulis. He started practice in 2004 and has already given over 10.000 sessions in different countries.




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